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Security Governance and Advisory

Security Governance and Advisory

Security Governance And Advisory

Assisting executive management to align with business, control risks, meet compliance mandates and grow business by offering IT governance framework, IT risk management and ACSC Essential 8 security services. Follow these links for  ISO 27001 and Payment Card Industries services.

IT Risk Management Service with Comprehensive Cybersecurity Governance

Without taking the focus away from your core business functions, security must be ingrained at all levels of the business starting with the board and executives. nCrypt Malaysia’s executive consultants and advisors will alleviate board-level security concerns by mapping out what needs to be done, why, and ultimately how, to ensure security governance and compliance.

Key reasons why you should consider us:

  • Ensure board level support for security that will ultimately filter down through all levels of your organisation.
  • Gain clarity in knowing and understanding precisely what security your business needs and why including security, IT risk management, as well as the ACSC Essential Eight is important for business.
  • Eliminate concerns over a potential mountain of security gaps exposing your business to undue risk. nCrypt Malaysia will provide you with a prioritised roadmap of projects and be there to help with cybersecurity governance.

Ways in which we can help…

nCrypt Malaysia can help you expose any gaps within your company and treat potential risks. Our integrated Security Governance and Advisory service offer the following solutions: CISO as a Service, implementing The Malaysiann Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC) ‘Essential 8’ strategies, CISO as a Service, Security Strategy, ISMS Development and Management and Security Policy Review & Development. nCrypt Malaysia understands that all businesses are different and can customise a service package to suit your specific needs. From ad-hoc advisory through to a part time CISO, we can customise our role to extract the best value for your business. Look at some ways we can typically help below.

ACSC Essential Eight Security Strategies Integration

Having a plan in place to mitigate any security breaches is recommended by the Malaysiann government to ensure security governance. ACSC Essential Eight is a prioritised list of strategies to help you when the worst happens and is something in which our experts at nCrypt Malaysia specialise. Through our guidance, we can determine which systems may be vulnerable, as well as the level of protection required, ensuring that your company complies with ACSC security Essential Eight recommendations.

CISO Service

Your business might not be ready to hire a full-time CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) but still needs the security guidance and knowledge that a CISO offers to comply with the recommended Malaysiann government cyber security strategy. Our CISO Service allows your business to tap into this level of expertise without taking the full plunge of hiring a CISO. Perfect for handling board level discussions on security, developing a security roadmap, overseeing strategy implementation, and much more.

IT Governance Framework Security Strategy

Whether your business is planning for a major change or looking to be better prepared for a new wave of risks, a security strategy can ensure your business is on the right path to getting the necessary controls in place. nCrypt Malaysia can review and help develop your strategy, ensuring that an IT governance framework has been implemented correctly, enabling the business to achieve its goals and objectives, and maybe even present new business opportunities along the way.

ISMS Development and Management

By now everyone understands that information security governance is essential. But how much is necessary, and where do we apply it? How do we know it is working when it is applied? An ISMS (Information Security Management System) with integrated technical controls is what you need to address these questions and much more. nCrypt Malaysia can build an ISMS tailored to your business, ensuring that security is implemented using a risk-based approach and subsequently monitored and maintained effectively.

Security Policy Review & Development

A good set of information security policies lays the foundation for security practices and controls within a business. They ensure that everyone strives toward a common goal and hence the approach to implementation and maintenance of controls is consistent. nCrypt Malaysia will assess policies in place to identify any gaps and can help fill those gaps for you and liaise directly with your Cyber Audit and Risk Committee.

Security threats and vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure pose a risk to your business operations and client data. Any security breach could result in a massive disruption to your business, reducing productivity, disrupting resources and damaging your brand image.

In order to properly manage risk across all channels and get enterprise-level security protection for your business, you need successful security testing.

Security and Vulnerability Testing for Businesses

Our security testing services identify weaknesses in your businesses IT systems and software to reduce the likelihood and potential severity of cyber threats.

Security testing or vulnerability testing is important for businesses. Historically, many businesses have treated IT security as an afterthought or something that can be rectified with off-the-shelf software. Today, it is necessary for businesses to take a more end-to-end approach to their security testing as cyber threats and hackers become more sophisticated.

Our nCrypt consultants have a range of technical skills to carry out a thorough security test of your business IT systems. These include Penetration TestingCyber Incident Management, and implementation of Security Compliance certification for your business to give your customers peace of mind that their sensitive data is protected.

Our Approach to Security Assurance

nCrypt Security’s managed security services and vulnerability testing is designed to provide you with a holistic approach to ensure your business security is optimised in all aspects.

Hiring an internal team to manage your security can be expensive and time-consuming. nCrypt Security offers highly-trained staff who have security testing expertise across a range of security facets including strategic, tactical, and operational IT management.

Think of us as your virtual security team, providing your business with the knowledge to proactively deal with the latest security threats.

Our IT security services can work with your business to help identify your security goals and evaluate your current security measures. From there, we will put a plan into place and deliver robust security and vulnerability testing services to validate your defences against today’s cyber threats. If a threat does occur, our incident response security services team will lead from the front.

Vulnerability Detection

Your systems are only as strong as the weakest link. An implementation that is hurried, or lacking a coherent and thought-out process is likely to result in many technical configuration weaknesses that leave your business exposed to threats. nCrypt Security can review and give an IT security assessment of the current security ability of your systems and highlight areas for improvement. This expertise can then be integrated into your build standards to ensure the security of your component builds going forward.

Best Practice Approach to IT Security

Test the integrity of your systems from an attacker’s viewpoint with our ethical approach to vulnerability testing. Whether it be your website, IT infrastructure, mobile apps or service endpoints, nCrypt Security has CREST qualified testers to identify any exploitable gaps in your security effectively. Our methodologies ensure a high degree of consistency and rigour and are ideally suited to complement testing for compliance requirements.