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Manufacturing IoT Security

Manufacturing IoT Security

The proliferation of IoT devices has simplified industrial operations  but has also exposed it to many risks. It is said that by 2025, there will be over 75 billion connected devices whereby one third will be used in industrial applications within the manufacturing sector. Everyday, a story about data breaches, theft of trade secrets or blueprints can be heard. These confidential data can be sold on the Dark Web or used by competitors to have a competitive edge. 

Your network and related IoT systems can be heavily compromised if the right defenses are not implemented. The right security procedures and protocols must be put in place to be thoroughly protected from hackers. Connected IoT devices tend to be neglected as more focus goes towards protecting the network and servers. 

Nowadays, remote working has shifted communication dependency to emails and attackers target this sector using phishing emails to compromise the industry. Private credentials and other confidential information can be collected without the use of malwares, that is why the manufacturing industry must use several precautionary measures to protect itself and its customers. 

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