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Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

nCrypt Managed Security Services offers a comprehensive approach to developing a security strategy for your business. We give you the tactical tools needed to keep on top of threats while reducing security compliance costs. Having a combined security solution will safeguard your business’ critical IT infrastructure and keep your data secure, allowing you to deliver a safe and secure experience for your customers.

Managed IT Security Services Provider in Malaysia

Business applications and infrastructure depend on sound operational security practices to keep cyber risks at bay. Without the right managed IT support, your system is vulnerable to being exploited. Vulnerability management is essential in this digital age. As more crucial processes move onto the cloud and cybercriminals become even more sophisticated, there is an even greater need for a smarter way of improving security.

A methodical approach to improving your security and complex IT challenges involves putting your IT security in the hands of a professionally managed cybersecurity service. nCrypt Managed Security ensures an IT security and support approach that covers complex environments and reduces cyber threats so that your IT infrastructure remains a reliable, secure, and efficient.

Our team believes prevention is always better than cure – especially in the IT world. Our state-of-the-art Managed Services are designed to:

  • Reduce IT support costs
  • Defend against security events and cyberattackers
  • Free up your internal resources and improve uptime
  • Quickly identify security breaches
  • Provide affordable business cybersecurity certification

nCrypt Security is one of the leading cybersecurity companies in Malaysia with over 2 years of experience in delivering business IT security support. When you choose us, you can guarantee your security strategy will be backed up by the best in the industry.

Managed Cyber Security Services

At nCrypt Security Malaysia, we offer a tiered approach to our security provision. Having a range of managed support options provides a more proactive IT management solution and improves the performance of your IT systems.

Our strategy is to provide consistent and reliable servicing of your IT environment while reducing your company downtime and costs. The safety of your system is always at the forefront of our minds, and we establish a security program that supports your business while strengthening your security systems through the following:

Vulnerability Management

Keep a step ahead of malicious attacks by letting us identify exploitable issues before they do. nCrypt Security’s solution identifies vulnerabilities in your applications, website, and infrastructure and acts on it quickly. We will give you expert guidance to respond to and recover from threats if they arise.

Managed Web Application Firewall

nCrypt Security’s managed application firewall can detect and stop malicious traffic before it has a chance to compromise your system. Firewall management is time-consuming, and unless you have professional support you risk threats filtering into your business.

Managed Prevention, Detection, and Response

Our service not only provides you with critical visibility, but it also enables us to detect malicious behaviour and take the appropriate response. Our team uses smart intelligence, data analytics, and automation to identify, defend, and deter cyber threats. Read more about our Cyber Incident Management services.

Managed Network Access Control

nCrypt’s IT security solution provides a simple and effective way to manage access control. Using a consistent approach across all environments, we can save your business costly network re-engineering and/or consultancy costs and untangle the complexity of access control on-premise, in the cloud, or even hybrid.

Compliance Monitoring

At nCrypt Security, we offer a range of compliance-related services to suit the specific needs of your company. Our packages include Compliance Gap Assessments, Compliance Strategy and Implementation. Whether you need to obtain your PCI or ISO 27001 certification, identify areas for improvement or check whether you’re still compliant, we can help you. Our Penetration Testing services can also support you with your Security Compliance, ensuring your business meets specific security criteria and has the right CREST certifications.

Security Operations Centre

nCrypt Security has established their own Security Operations Centre which provides us with the platform for the delivery of our services. If you need a security operations team, speak to us about our virtual SOC service, and we can customise a package to suit your requirements. If you’re looking at your own internal SOC, we can help.

Ongoing Support

If you need an internal security operations team, we can customise a package to suit your needs. Contact us for more information.

Case studies

Over the years nCrypt Security has built a reputation for being one of the leading information security service providers in Malaysia. We are trusted by some of the biggest corporations and companies, as well as a variety of SMEs nationwide. Our offices in Petaling Jaya allow us to deliver our services throughout Malaysia and build long-term partnerships. See what some of our customers are saying about us.

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Over the years nCrypt Malaysia has built a reputation for being on the of the leading information security service providers, trusted by some of the largest corporations and companies in Malaysia, as well as a variety of SME’s. Our offices in Petaling Jaya allow us to deliver our services throughout Malaysia and build long-term partnerships. See what some of our customers are saying about us.

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