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According to Emergen ResearchBig Data in Healthcare Market Size Worth USD 78.03 Billion by 2027.

But why are healthcare records so valuable? 

The price of these records skyrocketed in the last few months since telehealth visits increased by 154% since 2019 compared to 2020 as many forms of care and treatment were digitized. Healthcare is mostly subjected to ransomware attacks whereby sometimes, they have no choice but to pay the ransom in order to release the data of patients. Based on responses from 2,600 respondents one third of healthcare organizations encrypt less than half their data.

 This gives an idea how vulnerable the security of the healthcare system is. Equally distressing are the cases where companies have stored or used the data collected in ways never intended by the people and businesses who entrusted them with the data to begin with.  And with device proliferation gaining speed, the problem may get worse before it improves. 

It is high time that the Healthcare industry employs proper cybersecurity protocols in order to safeguard not only the patients’ data but also the organisation’s trade secrets.

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