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Government & Education

Government & Education

For hackers, schools are an ideal target because they are a goldmine of personal information that’s rarely protected by the same level of cyber security practices used by other private enterprises. Many institutions also manage budgets that malicious entities are exhilarated to exploit.

Due to the sharp increase in remote learning and virtual classrooms, the education sector experienced a “record-breaking” year of cyber attacks in 2020. Microsoft reported that education is globally the sector most vulnerable to threats like malware, accounting for more than 6.8 million (over 63%) of total reported encounters in the 30 days. Even the government is not free from these threats as it possesses a plethora of data about the military and the nation as a whole. Due to the high amount of digital traffic on a daily frequency, these industries are faced with security risks every minute. 

To exponentially plummet the risk of being virtually compromised, the public and educational sector must take a security assessment to know where they need to amplify the security protocols. Having the right cybersecurity protection will help safeguard intellectual properties, data, and networks from malicious third parties.

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