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Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security Training in Malaysia

Your business may have the best information security controls available, but your staff use and run those systems. Equipping them with the right level of security knowledge and awareness will improve what is often considered to be the weakest link in the security chain, people.

Security is not magic. Let nCrypt Malaysia share their experience and knowledge to up the minimum level of security knowledge in your business.

  • Improve the organisations’ resilience and response to attacks, thus minimising business impacts
  • Improve general security awareness
  • Minimise rework costs by making the right security decisions the first time


Ways in which we can help…

nCrypt Malaysia prides itself on working closely with its customers as a trusted advisor and our training is a natural extension of the work we do. Allow your staff and business to benefit from our knowledge. We are able to cater to your specific needs either through one of our more structured programs (as described below) through to informal one-on-one style sessions where our consultants can provide specific advice.

Incident Response

Having an incident response plan doesn’t necessarily mean your team is ready to handle an incident. In fact, it’s possible that the plan has highlighted an area of skills shortage. nCrypt Malaysia can help fill those gaps by educating your staff on what to expect and how to actually handle specific steps of the incident response process. Think of it as the next level of detail for your plan.

End User Security Awareness

Education is the key to security awareness. Every member of your business should have completed the basic level of cyber resilience training. CXO can provide your company with a comprehensive, easy to complete training program online that takes each staff member less than five minutes per month to complete. A full range of practices and subjects are covered included how to detect and report social engineering attacks, such as phishing, to education about new trends in the threat landscape and managing your responsibility. We can also monitor the application of this training and provide ongoing updates and support. We also are part of a comprehensive boardroom and executive training workshop program. nCrypt Malaysia can also tailor training to address a specific threat that the business may have been exposed to recently.

PCI DSS Fundamentals

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a compliance mandate for many organisations through its associated requirements often result in varying levels of confusion and misinterpretation. Let nCrypt Malaysia educate your staff on the basics of this standard to set them off on the right foot. A portion of this training is also typically dedicated to answering your specific PCI questions that may be relevant to your environment.