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Endpoint Security


Endpoint Security


The securing of endpoints, or end-user devices like desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Malicious actors will exploit these endpoints that serve as points of access to an enterprise network.
What endpoint security software does, is that it protects these points of entry from risky activity and/or malicious attack. Only by doing so, companies can ensure endpoint compliance with data security standards, hence the capability to maintain greater control over the growing number and type of access points to the network.

Brian Norma

/ Group General Director – Aqua Group
Enterprises and their employees are incorporating practices exponentially to make access to data more fluid. The rise in BYOD (bring your own device) policies, on top of threats targeting mobile device access and networks, create multiple endpoint vulnerabilities. Adding on, employees working from home or connecting to Wi-Fi networks to work flexibly means that the enterprise network security perimeter is more penetrable than ever.

Historically, most security breaches came in through the network. In the modern world, however, threats through endpoints are on the rise, which means centralized network protection does not suffice. Shifting security perimeters that lack clear definition require new layers of security through endpoint protection. Security must maintain greater control over access points to prevent the vulnerabilities that can arise through the use of remote devices.



Our solution

The communication between machines of different kinds sometimes cause troubles and inaccurate signal decoding results.
Advancements in technology – including machine-to-machine communications between smart sensors, referred to as ‘The Internet of Things’. For example, appliances in the home that can be monitored and controlled wirelessly by the homeowner wherever they are.
The potential market for servers and networking equipment development is still unstable and shrinks every year.
Market development – increasing market share in new markets such as servers and networking equipment. ARM’s technology is well placed to provide lower power options to transport, distribute, analyse and store data across the internet.
Demand for energy efficient technology – the market demands high performance products using low power technology.
This case study will demonstrate how ARM’s strategies contribute to the achievement of its business vision, aims and objectives using an integrated approach focusing on innovation, its people and its network of partners.


Modern customers are much more sophisticated and want extensive comparative information and advice.
New multiple site connectivity
We use a newly developed technology to connect sites that are based on different types of servers and networks, SiteConnect, which helps to reduce the misinterpretation of signals as well as the loss of data during transfering.
IT security & software
To keep your systems, your devices, and network stay secure, we have developed a new program that limits the access of suspicious objects or people and authenticate all logins to the system.
Weak hosted capability
Some hosts are unaware of the potential risks as well as security loopholes in their system. By detecting these errors and taking prompt actions on improving firewalls, we can upgrade the system security.
Build internal network
The internal network is essential for all companies and corporations, especially for those working in IT sector. To avoid possible risks when sharing internal confidential files and documentation to an external receiver, internal network must be strong.

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